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Sidney Snow

Thank you for visiting. As a two time lung cancer survivor, this cause is very dear to us, and we'll appreciate all the support we can get! Together we can make a difference! This team is walking/running in honor and in memory of friends and their families who have been touched by lung cancer. Best - Janet & Sidney



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Recent Donations

1. JBJody And Beth
We are with you, even though we could not be in the “walk “!!!
2. SJSidney & Janet
Thanks to all who had planned to come out on Saturday. This donation is in honor of Sarah Lee Lievan & Clyde Huff.
3. JSJames Sullivan
4. TSTim & Amy Simmons
We love you!!
5. SLScott Vande Linde
6. BDBill And Erin Daniels
We are lacing up our sneakers. See you on Saturday.

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